Teeth Whitening Services for A Brighter Smile


Our family dentistry offers professional teeth whitening treatment services that will provide a bright, uniformly white smile!

Over the past two decades, tooth whitening or bleaching has become one of the most popular esthetic dental treatments.

By the late 1980s, the field of tooth whitening dramatically changed with the development of dentist-prescribed, home-applied bleaching (tray bleaching) and other products and techniques that could be applied both in the dental office and at home.

In general, most in-office and dentist-prescribed at-home bleaching techniques have been shown to be effective, although results may vary depending on such factors as type of stain, age of patient, concentration of the active agent, and treatment time and frequency.

However, concerns have remained about the long-term safety of unsupervised bleaching procedures. Based on safety factors, the ADA has advised patients to consult with their teeth whitening dentist to determine the most appropriate whitening treatment, particularly for those with tooth sensitivity, dental restorations, extremely dark stains, and single dark teeth.

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Professional Teeth Whitening for Stained or Discolored Teeth


According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry when asking people what they would like most to improve about their smile, their answer was whiter teeth!

Your teeth can progress from white to not-so-white for a number of reasons, including:

  • Food and drink with intense color pigments that attach to your tooth enamel
  • Age –the outer enamel layer thins with brushing allowing yellow dentin to show
  • Trauma – tooth reaction to an injury
  • Tobacco use – tar and nicotine in tobacco create stubborn stains
  • Certain medications

While there are several ways to recover that bright shine in your smile, including whitening toothpastes, we recommend an in-office procedure by a professional teeth whitening dentist for a safe and effective procedure.

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Why Choose Us as Your Teeth Whitening Dentist?


It is wise to talk with a professional teeth whitening dentist before deciding to whiten your teeth because whiteners may not effectively correct all types of discoloration.

For example:

  • Yellow teeth may respond; brown teeth less responsive; gray tones not at all
  • Whitening does not work on crowns, fillings or veneers
  • Whiteners are ineffective if discoloration is caused by medication or tooth injury

It should also be noted that overuse of tooth whiteners can damage your tooth enamel or gums. 

We highly recommend professional teeth whitening as a safe and effective means of brightening your smile.  Call Hall Family Dentistry to learn more, or send your inquiry by email.  480-345-0991